Sku : S203C_XL


Master Lock #S203C; Solid, Lockable Confined Space Cover - Extra Large

Master Lock #S203C - Large (Fits Standard 32" - 39" Man ways)

Exceeds OSHA 29CFR 1910.146 Standard for Permit Required Confined Space

Easy-to-use, lockable cover slips over flange of confined space for quick application to prevent unauthorized entry

Provides OSHA required signage to warn affected workers of an opened confined space

1.5in (38mm) straps include 25 grommets on each side to adjust fit before locking cover in place

Keeps unwanted materials from entering the confined space including litter, debris and pests

Made from durable materials to withstands extreme environments

Reusable covers are easily cleaned and stored

Secure with a different lock than your lockout padlocks - we recommend using a security lock such as the Master Lock 6121