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On-Off Switch KM17213

Secret On-Off Switch KM17213

Secret On/Off switch. A clever road-builder came up with this idea, and it's a good one. He puts this small switch in the ignition circuit of each machine and truck. In the early AM his superintendent turns them all ON with one key; at quitting time he turns them all OFF. The switch is small, unobtrusive, has a dust cover, and no one would know what it is. It does not replace or interfere with the regular ignition switch, but it does prevent vandals and kids from starting the equipment.

It can be mounted almost anywhere, as a 3/4" hole is all it needs. It's only 1-5/8" long, comes with two nuts, washer and two plastic-headed keys.

3/4" mounting hole. 1-5/8" long. Comes with 2 nuts, washers and 2 plastic headed keys.

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