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Truck Key Keeper Box: Lock, Key, Dust Cover and 3 Screws

Truck Key Keeper Box: Lock, Key, Dust Cover and 3 Screws

Put a spare set of ignition keys in a Truck Key Keeper Box and attach the locked box to a frame rail, tank bracket, back of cab or any convenient place where your mechanics, fuelers, tire changers and other service people can get to it.

Heavy-guage welded steel box has a thick enameled coating, a very secure 7 pin tubular cylinder lock, AND a lock dust cover. Boxes are KA (Keyed Alike) so each mechanic, oiler, etc can access all Truck Key Keeper Boxes in your fleet.

NO lost time searching for an ignition key. Your Mechanic walks up to your vehicle, opens the box (he only needs one key for your whole fleet), gets the door and Ignition key, and goes to work right then.

What does it cost you for a lost half hour of mechanic's time looking for a misplaced key? What does it cost if your vehicle is delayed, late, or even misses a day's work? Lots more than these boxes do.

Each box comes with three self-tapping screws to fasten to whatever surface you choose. Each box comes with a plainly numbered tubular key (the type used on soft drink machines and other secure devices). Additional keys are always available if needed, but since you get one with each box, it's likely you'll have plenty. The box is complete with everything needed.

Box measures 3 1/2" X 4 1/4" X 1 1/2".

One Midwest utility has about two thousand. A Midwest contractor has a thousand. Most others have lots less. So there is quantity pricing for all size users.