Sku : K03EB5511581

Komatsu keys #K03EB5511581

Komatsu #K03EB5511581 ignition Keys. Price is per pair.

Komatsu #K03EB5511581 ignition keys. In ringed pairs; keys are stamped "KOM 787".

Please compare your current key to the image or use your equipment model number to verify the key part number. All key part numbers and equipment models are not listed. Key part numbers can change by model year and by serial number. For key part numbers look up the equipment serial or model number on the manufacturers website or consult the manual.

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Replacement for key commonly stamped “787”.

John Deere key CH12206
Compact tractor models: 650, 665, 670, 750, 770, 785, 790, 850, 870, 900HC, 950, 970, 990, 3005, 4005
Tractor models: 1050, 1050E, 1070, 1250, 1450, 1650, 3005, 4005
Yanmar key 194155-52160, 1A7880-52100
Compact tractor F series models: F14, F15, F16, F20, F21, F22, F24, F24D, F28, FF145D, FF155D, F175, F255
Compact tractor FX series models: FX20, FX24, FX25, FX24D, FX215D
Tractor YM series models: YM100, YM140, YM141, YM147, YM155, YM165, YM169, YM180, YM186, YM187, YM195, YM220, YM226, YM240, YM250, YM276, YM330, YM336, YM1300, YM1500, YM1600, YM1700, YM1510, YM1600, YM1601, YM1700, YM1702, YM1720, YM1800, YM1802, YM1810, YM1820, YM1900, YM2000, YM2001, YM2002, YM2010, YM2020, YM2202, YM2210, YM2220, YM2301, YM2310, YM2402, YM2420, YM2500, YM2610, YM2620, YM2820, YM3000, YM3110, YM3220, YM4220, YM4300, YMG1800, YMG2000

Allis Chalmers key 3EB-55-11360, 3EB-55-11580, 3EB5511581, 3EB-55-11581, 4974426, 300-06-3220, 4941112, 4942052, 4944935 forklifts
Baker key KM3EB5511581, KM3EB-55-11581 forklifts
Caterpillar key A000012694, A000002983, MF476137 forklifts
Dressta some equipment
Forklift models: HDF25
Mini excavator models: EX50UR, EX50URG
Hyster key 3141587 forklifts
John Deere key CH12206
Air Drill models: 780, 785
Excavator models: SK100, SK120-3, SK200-3, SK200-5, SK200-6, SK210-8, SK230-6E, SK250-6
Kalmar some forklifts
Komatsu / Tusk key 3EB-55-11360, 3EB-55-11580, 4974426, 3EB5511581, TR261434, 4942052, 8763051, ELI80-0115, 300-06-3220, 4941112, 4942052, 4944935, 4974426
Articulated dump truck HA series models: HA250-1, HA270-1
Articulated dump truck HM series models: HM300-1, HM300-1L, HM300-2, HM300-2R, HM300TN-1, HM350-1, HM350-1, HM350-1L, HM350-2, HM350-2R, HM400-1, HM400-1L, HM400-2, HM400-2R
Asphalt reclaimer models: GC50-1, GS360-1
Bulldozer / Crawler models: D20A-3, D20A-5, D20A-6, D20A-7, D20A-7-M, D20A-8, D20P-3, D20P-5, D20P-5A, D20P-6, D20P-6A, D20P-7A, D20P-7A-M, D20PL-5, D20PL-6, D20PL-7, D20PL-7-M, D20PLL-6, D20PLL-7, D20PLL-7-M, D20Q-5, D20Q-6, D20Q-7-M, D20QG-6, D20S-5, D20S-6, D20S-7-M, D21A-5, D21A-6, D21A-7, D21A-7-M, D21A-7T, D21A-7T-M, D21A-8, D21A-8E0, D21A-8T, D21E-6, D21P-5, D21P-5A, D21P-6, D21P-6A, D21P-6B, D21P-7T, D21P-7T-M, D21P-8, D21P-8E0, D21P-8T, D21PL-5, D21PL-6, D21PL-7-M, D21Q-5, D21Q-6, D21Q-7-M, D21QG-6, D21S-5, D21S-6, D21S-7, D21S-7-M, D30AM-17, D31A-16, D31A-17, D31E-17, D31P-16, D31P-16A, D31P-17, D31P-17A, D31P-18, D31P-18A, D31PL-16, D31PL-17, D31PL-18, D31PLL-18, D31Q-16, D31Q-17, D31Q-18, D31S-16, D31S-17, D31S-18, D40A-3, D40A-5, D40AM-3, D40F-3, D40P-3, D40P-5, D40P-5A, D40PF-3, D40PF-3A, D40PF-5, D40PL-3, D40PL-5, D40PLL-3, D40PLL-5, D41, D41A-3, D41A-5, D41A-6, D41E-3, D41E-3A, D41E-6, D41E-6K, D41E-6T, D41E-BB-6C, D41P-3, D41P-5, D41P-5A, D41P-6, D41P-6K, D41PF-6, D41PF-6K, D41PF-6K-T2, D41Q-3, D41S-3, D45A-1, D46, D50A-17, D50A-18, D50P-17, D50P-18, D50PL-17, D53A-16, D53A-17, D53A-18, D53P-16, D53P-17, D53P-18, D53P-18A, D53S-17, D57S-1, D57S-1B, D58E-1, D58E-1A, D58E-1B, D58P-1, D58P-1B, D58P-1C, D60A-8, D60A-11, D60A-11D, D60E-8, D60F-8, D60F-8A, D60P-8, D60P-11, D60P-11D, D60P-12, D60P-12-E, D60PL-8, D60S-8, D61E-12, D61EX-12, D61EX-12A-W, D61EX-15, D61EX-15E0-BW, D61PX-12, D61PX-12A-W, D61PX-15, D61PX-15E0-BW, D63E-12, D65A-8, D65A-11, D65A-11D, D65E-8, D65E-12, D65E-12-E, D65EX-12, D65EX-12H, D65EX-12U, D65EX-15, D65EX-15E0, D65P-7, D65P-8, D65P-11, D65P-11D, D65P-12, D65P-12-E, D65PX-12, D65PX-12-E, D65PX-12U, D65PX-15, D65PX-15E0, D65S-7, D65S-8, D65WX-15, D65WX-15E0, D66S-1, D68ESS-12, D68ESS-12E0, D70-LE, D70LE-8, D70LE-12, D75A-1, D75S-3, D75S-5, D80A-18, D80E-18, D80P-18, D85A-18, D85A-21B, D85C-21, D85C-21-A, D85E-18, D85ESS-2, D85E-SS-2, D85ESS-2A, D85E-SS-2A-E, D85E-SS-2-E, D85ESS-3, D85EX-15, D85MS-15, D85P-18, D85PX-15, D87E-2, D87P-2, D95S-2, D150A-1, D155A-3, D155A-5, D155AX-3, D155AX-5, D155C-1, D155C-1D, D155C-1P, D155C-1P-ZZ, D155W-1, D275A-2, D355A-3, D355A-3X, D355A-5, D355C-3, D375A-2, D375A-3, D375A-3-01, D375A-3A, D375A-3A-01, D375A-3D, D375A-5, D375A-5D, D455A-1, D575A-3, D575A-3-M
Compactor models: WF450-3, WF450T-1, WF450T-3, WF550T-3, WF550T-3A, WF600T-1
Crane models: LW100-1H, LW100-1X, LW250L-1H, LW250L-1NH, LW250L-1NX, LW250L-1X
Crawler carrier models: CD10R, CD30R-1,
Dump truck models: 330M
Excavator models: BC100, BF60,
Excavator PC series models: PC03-2, PC03-2-A, PC05, PC05-1, PC05-5, PC05-6, PC05-7, PC08UU, PC08UU-1-A, PC09-1, PC09-1-A, PC09-1-B, PC10-1, PC10-6, PC10-7, PC10MR-1, PC10MR-1-A, PC10MR-1-B, PC10UU-3, PC20C-6H, PC27MRX-1, PC35MR-1, PC40-1, PC60-3, PC60-5, PC60-7, PC75UU-1, PC78UU-6, PC78US-6-N, PC90-1, PC100, PC100-1, PC100-2, PC100-3, PC100-5, PC100-7, PC100-6, PC100L, PC100L-1, PC100L-3, PC120-1, PC120-2, PC120-3, PC120-5, PC120-6Z, PC120-7, PC150, PC150-1, PC150-3, PC150-5, PC150LC-1, PC200, PC200-1, PC200-2, PC200-3, PC200-5, PC200-6, PC200-6S, PC200-6Z, PC200-7, PC200LC-3, PC200LC-5, PC200LC-6S, PC200LC-8, PC200LC6, PC200LC7, PC210-6K, PC210-7K, PC210-8K, PC220, PC220-1, PC220-3, PC220-5, PC220-6, PC220-7, PC220LC-3, PC220LC-5, PC220LC-6, PC220LC-7, PC240LC-6K, PC250-6, PC250-LC6, PC300-3, PC300-7, PC300LC-3, PC300LC-7, PC300LC-8, PC340LC-6K, PC350-7, PC350LC-7, PC360-7, PC400-7, PC400-8, PC400LC-6, PC400LC-8, PC460-7, PC450LC-6K, PC450LC-8, PC750-7, PC1200-3, PC1250-7, PC2000-8
Grader models: GD22AC-1A, GD22H-1, GD28AC-1, GD37-5H, GD37-6H, GD200A-1, GD300A-1, GD305A-3, GD355A-3, GD405A-3, GD405A-3S, GD510R-1, GD511A-1, GD521A-1, GD523A-1, GD611A-1, GD621A-1, GD705A-3, GD705A-3A, GD705A-4, GD705A-4A, GD705R-1, GD705R-1A, GD705R-2
Loader models: some WB series
Motor scraper models: WS23S, WS23S-2A
Off highway dump truck HD series models: HD200D-3, HD205-3, HD255-5, HD255-5EO, HD320-3, HD325-3, HD325-5, HD325-6, HD325-6W, HD325-7, HD325-7R, HD405-6, HD405-7, HD405-7R, HD465-2, HD465-3, HD465-5, HD465-7, HD465-7EO, HD465-7R, HD605-5, HD605-7, HD605-7EO, HD605-7R, HD785-1L, HD785-2, HD785-3, HD785-5, HD785-5LC, HD785-7, HD985-3, HD985-5, HD1200-1, HD1500-5, HD1500-7,
Pipelayer models: D155C, D355C, D85C
Road cutter models: GC50
Roller models: JT150-1, JV100WA-2, JV100WA-2W, JV100WP-2, JV130WH-1
Skid Steer models: CK30-1, CK35-1, SK04-1, SK04-2, SK07-1, SK07-2
Soil compactor models: CS360-1
Telehandler models: some WH series
Tracked carrier models: CD30R
Wheeled bulldozer models: WD500, WD500-3, WD600, W600-1, W600-1H, WD600-3, WD900, WD900-3
Wheeled excavator models: some PW series
Wheeled loader models: 505, 505-1S, 507, 507-1S, 510, 510-1S, 515, 515-1S, 518, 520B, 530, 530-1S, 530B, 530B-1S, 540, 540-1S, 540B, 540B-1S, 558, 568,
Wheeled loader W series models: W20-1, W30-1,
Wheeled loader WA series models: WA20-1, WA20-2, WA30-1, WA30-2, WA30-5, WA30-5-CB, WA30-5-CN, WA30-5-X, WA40-1, WA40-3, WA40-3-CB, WA40-3-CN, WA40-3-X, WA50-1, WA50-3, WA50-3-CB, WA50-3-CN, WA50-3-X, WA70-1, WA80-3, WA80-3-CB, WA80-3-CN, WA80-3-SW, WA100-1, WA100-3-H, WA100-3-HW, WA100-3-X, WA100-3-XW, WA100-3A, WA100-3A-S, WA100-3A-SN, WA100-3A-SW, WA100M-3, WA100M-3-CB, WA100M-3-CN, WA100SS-1, WA100SSS-1, WA100SSS, WA120-1, WA120-1LC, WA120-3, WA120-3CS, WA120L-3, WA150-1, WA150-3, WA150-3-SN, WA150-3-X, WA150-3-XW, WA180, WA180-1LC, WA180-3, WA180L, WA180L-3, WA200, WA200-1, WA200-3, WA200-3-SN, WA200-3-X, WA250-1, WA250-3, WA250L-3, WA250PT-3, WA300-1, WA300-3A, WA300-3A-SN, WA300-3A-X, WA300-3CS, WA300L-3, WA320, WA320-1, WA320-3, WA320-3CS, WA320-3L, WA320-3MC, WA350-1, WA350-3-H, WA350-3-X, WA350-3A, WA350-3A-S, WA350-3A-SN, WA350-3A-TN, WA380-1, WA380-3, WA380-3L, WA380-3MC, WA380-DZ-3, WA400-1, WA400-3A, WA400-3A-S, WA400-3A-SN, WA400-3-H, WA400-3-X, WA420-3, WA420-3CS, WA420-3L, WA420-3MC, WA420-DZ-3, WA450-1 , WA450-3, WA450-3-H, WA450-3-X, WA450-3A, WA450-3A-S, WA450-3A-TN, WA450-3L, WA450-3MC, WA450L-3, WA470-3, WA470-DZ-3, WA500-1, WA500-1LC, WA500-1LE, WA500-3, WA500-3L, WA500-3LK, WA600-1, WA600-1H, WA600-1L, WA600-1LC, WA600-1LE, WA600-3, WA600-3LK, WA700-1. WA700-1L, WA700-3, WA700-3L, WA800-1, WA800-1-13, WA800-1-A, WA800-2, WA800-2L, WA800-2LC, WA800-3, WA800-3E0, WA800-3LC, WA800L-3, WA900-1, WA900-1L, WA900-1LC, WA900-3, WA900-3E0, WA900-3LC, WA900L-3,
Wheeled loader WR series models: WR11-1, WR11-3, WR11SS-1, WR8-1,
Wheeled stabilizer models: GS360
Linde / Lansing key 3EB-55-1151 forklifts
Mitsubishi / Towmotor key A000012694, A000002983, MF476137 forklifts
Sakai key 2820-000020-0 some older rollers
Toyota key 00591-74826-81 forklifts
Yale key 220041587 some material handling equipment

Also works with some equipment from the following manufacturers BT, Hanomag, Jungheinrich, MIC, Steinbock, TCM, Zoomlion

Komatsu key 3EB-55-11360, 3EB-55-11580, 4974426, 3EB5511581, TR261434, 4942052, 8763051, ELI80-0115, 300-06-3220, 4941112, 4942052, 4944935
Air compressor models: EC20ZS-1, EC35V-3, EC35VS-3, EC35Z-1, EC35Z-2, EC35ZS-1, EC35ZS-2, EC35ZSB-2, EC50Z-3, EC50Z-5, EC50ZS-3, EC50ZS-5, EC50ZSB-5, EC75Z-2, EC75Z-3, EC75ZS-2, EC75ZS-3, EC105Z-1, EC105ZS-1, EC170Z-1, EC170ZS-1, EC210Z-1, EC260Z-1
Engine models: S6D125-1P
Generator models: EG15-3, EG15S-3, EG30-3, EG30S-3, EG45-1, EG45S-1, EG50-2, EG50S-2, EG65-2, EG65S-2, EG75-2, EG80-1, EG100-2, EG125-1, EG150-3, EG200-3, EG300-2,

Cub Cadet key 1A7880-52100
Compact tractor models: EX450, EX2900, EX3200, SA221, SA424, SC2400, SC2450
John Deere key CH12206
Garden tractor models: 430
Yanmar key 194155-52160, 1A7880-52100
Lawn tractor models: SA221, SA424, SC2400, SC2450, YM12, YM14

Minimum Quantity - 2 Pair

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