Equipment Stabilizer Lock, Combination Lock

Equipment Stabilizer Lock, combination lock
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Stabilizer Lock locks the stabilizer in the down position. Different sizes available for different applications and equipment.

Durable baked-on powder coat finish.

Built-in changeable combination lock: set or change your own 4 digit code.

May be used in conjunction with OSHA Lockout Tagout Safety Procedures

PLEASE SPECIFY LENGTH NEEDED: New Holland backhoe takes 21". All other full-size back-hoes use 18". Mini-backhoes, articulating equipment steering, and dozer blades use 15" or 12". Mini-excavator and trencher back-fill blades use 6 1/2" Roug terrain scisor-lift and man-lift steering cylinder lengths will vary. Check your equipment for the length needed by measuring the exposed chrome hydraulic cylinder.