Sku : CL100

ABLOY CL100 Cam Lock

ABLOY CL100 Cam Lock
ABLOY® Cam Locks have been developed to meet the highest levels of security in the field of equipment locking. Our extensive range consists of both standard products and a wide selection of customised products.

The superior benefits offered by ABLOY® Cam Locks make them ideally suited to the most demanding, high security applications where valuables are located either behind small doors or in enclosers, e.g. vending machines, cash dispensers, gaming machines, parking meters, pay phones, coin-operated laundry machines etc.

Our long experience in high security products and our high levels of expertise guarantee you the best possible choice for your particular application.

The unique ABLOY® cylinder construction, patented cylinders, strict key control and extensive masterkeying capabilities make ABLOY® Cam Locks ideally suited for the most demanding applications.

Cam turns: key removable 90°/180° in locked position only

Number of discs: 11

Cylinder housing: Brass

Universal range

Left hand operation possible

Can be master-keyed with door cylinders

Cylinder is available with Keying platforms:


Product dimensions

Overall Length: 37mm

Maximum Door Thickness: 13.5mm

Cam Distance: 22.5mm