Built-In Combination Locker Locks

Master Lock Built-In Locker Locks
Due to the wide range of options and styles available for the build-in locker locks, please call 800-461-0620 to speak to a Customer Service Representative for details and ordering information.

Innovations available only from Master Lock Institutional Locker Locks include patent-pending Wrap Around Latch technology for built-in locks, Three Way to Open technology for built-in ADA applications, and patent-pending BlockGuard Anti-Shim technology in our world?s best selling combination padlocks.

Their locker locks are designed specifically for facility-managed lock-locker systems in schools, employee locker rooms, health clubs and other institutions. Available in a range of portable and built-in styles, these locks offer the features and support required by facilities to administer their system, including:

- Serial number identification
- Combination control charts
- Supervisory key override feature on most models
- Custom dial colors or markings, school logos, business name
- End user registration for improved system security and integrity