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Case keys #82030144

Case #82030144 Keys. Price is per pair.

Case #82030144 ignition keys, in ringed pairs; keys are stamped "144".

Please compare your current key to the image or use your equipment model number to verify the key part number. All key part numbers and equipment models are not listed. Key part numbers can change by model year and by serial number. For key part numbers look up the equipment serial or model number on the manufacturers website or consult the manual.

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Case / International Harvester / Farmall Key PN 82030144, 82030143,
Sprayer Patriot series models: 2240
Telehandler Farmlift series models: 632, 633, 635, 735, 737, 742, 935
Tractor Farmall models: 55C, 65C, 75C, 85C, 85U, 90C, 95A, 95C, 95U, 100C, 105A, 105C, 105U, 110A, 110A Pro, 110C, 110U, 115A, 115C, 115U, 120A, 120A Pro, 120C, 120U, 125A, 130A, 130A Pro, 140A, 140A Pro
Tractor JX series models: JX70U, JX80U, JX90U, JX100U, JX1070U, JX1080U, JX1090U, JX1100U,
Tractor MAXXUM series models: 100, 110, 110CVT, 110EP, 115, 115CVT, 115CVX, 115EP, 120, 120CVT, 120EP, 125, 125CVT, 125CVX, 125EP, 130, 130EP, 135, 135CVT, 135CVX, 140, 145, 145CVT, 145CVX, 140EP, 150, 150CVT, 150CVX,
Tractor MXM series models: MXM120, MXM130, MXM135, MXM140, MXM150, MXM155, MXM165, MXM175, MXM180, MXM190,
Tractor MXM series models Brazil: MXM130, MXM135, MXM150, MXM155, MXM165, MXM180, MXM190
Tractor MXU series models: MXU100, MXU110, MXU115, MXU125, MXU130, MXU135,
Tractor OPTUM series models: 270, 270CVT, 270CVX, 300, 300CVT, 300CVX
Tractor PUMA series models: 115, 125, 130, 130CVT, 130CVX, 140, 145, 145CVT, 145CVX, 150, 150CVT, 150CVX, 155, 160, 160CVT, 160CVX, 165, 165CVT, 165CVX, 170, 170CVT, 170CVX, 175CVX, 180, 180CVT, 180CVX, 185, 185CVT, 195, 195CVT, 200, 200CVT, 200CVX, 210, 210CVT, 215, 220, 220CVT, 220CVX, 210, 215, 220, 220CVT, 225, 230, 240CVT, 240CVX, 1654, 1804, 1854, 2104, 2304,
Tractor VESTRUM series models: 100, 100CVX, 110, 110CVX, 120, 120CVX, 130
Tractor Workmaster series models: 95, 105
Tractor models: M100, M115, M135, M160
Ford / New Holland Key 14601, 82030143, 81864284, 82003267, F0NN11603AA, FP560, 51561983, 51561979
Tractor models: 5640, 6640, 6640O, 7740, 7740O, 7840, 7840O, 8160, 8240, 8260, 8340, 8360, 8560,
Tractor Powerstar series models: T4.55, T4.65, T4.75, 65, 75, 90, 100, 110, 120,
Tractor T series models: T3.60F, T4.85, T4.95, T4.105, T4.115, T5.110, T5.120, T5.130, T5.140, T6.120, T6.125, T6125S, T6.140, T6.145, T6.150, T6.155, T6.160, T6.165, T6.175, T6.180, T7.140, T7.150, T7.165, T7.165S, T7.170, T7.175, T7.180, T7.185, T7.190, T7.195, T7.195S, T7.200, T7.210, T7.215S, T7.220, T7.225, T7.230, T7.235, T7.245, T7.250, T7.260, T7.270, T7.275 HD, T7.290, T7.290 HD, T7.315, T7.315 HD, T1554, T1654, T1804, T1804B, T2104, T2304, T5030, T5040, T5050, T5060, T5070, T6010, T6010 Delta, T6010 Plus, T6020, T6020 Delta, T6020 Elite, T6020 Plus, T6030, T6030 Delta, T6030 Elite, T6030 Plus, T6040, T6040 Elite, T6050, T6050 Delta, T6050 Elite, T6050 Plus, T6060, T6060 Elite, T6070, T6070 Elite, T6070 Plus, T6080, T6090, T7030, T7040, T7050, T7060, T7070, TD4.90F
Tractor T series models (Brazil): T7.140 Mech, T7.150 Mech, T7.165 Mech, T7.175 SPS, T7.180 Mech, T7.190 SPS, T7.195 SPS, T7.205 SPS,
Tractor TL series models: TL70, TL70A, TL80, TL80A, TL90, TL90A, TL100, TL100A,
Tractor TM series models: TM110, TM115, TM120, TM125, TM130, TM135, TM140, TM150, TM155, TM165, TM175, TM180, TM190,
Tractor TS series models: TS6.110, TS6.120, TS6.125, TS6.130, TS6.140, TS80, TS90, TS100, TS100A, TS110, TS110A, TS115, TS115A, TS125A, TS130A, TS135A, TS6000, TS6020, TS6030
Tractor TT series models: TT55, TT65, TT75
Tractor CVT series models: 6130CVT, 6145CVT, 6150CVT, 6160CVT, 6165CVT, 6170CVT, 6175CVT, 6180CVT, 6185CVT, 6200CVT, 6205CVT, 6210CVT, 6215CVT, 6220CVT, 6225CVT, 6230CVT, 6240CVT,
Tractor PROFI series models: 4100, 4110, 4115, 4120, 4125, 4130, 4135, 4145, 6115, 6125, 6135 Profi, 6140, 6145,
Tractor TERRUS CVT series models: 6250 Terrus CVT, 6270 Terrus CVT, 6300 Terrus CVT

New Holland Key 14601, 82030143, 81864284, 82003267, F0NN11603AA, FP560, 51561983, 51561979
Skid Steer models: W50C, W60C

Engine models: D722, D902, Z482

Minimum Quantity - 2 Pair

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