Sku : 4401LHEC


Master Lock #4401LHEC Bluetooth Smart Padlock

Master Lock #4401LHEC Bluetooth Smart Padlock

Your smartphone is the key to your padlock - no more lost keys or forgotten combos!

With free app, enjoy speed & ease of use, share access, have greater control with temporary digital keys/codes

Receive tamper alerts & low battery notifications

Replaceable CR2 battery can be jumped with an external battery if the battery dies in the locked position

Backup access using an up/down/left/right directional code on the lock keypad

Easily add/remove guests & schedule guest access to 24/7 or limit to days or nights

Locker Mode allows for maintaining a locked state while the phone is stored inside of a locker

Lock history log tracks important lock events

Hardened boron alloy shackle for superior cut resistance

2.2" (56mm) wide metal lock body with weather cover

Shackle diameter .36" (9mm); shackle clearance: 2" (51mm) high, 15/16" (23mm) wide

Designed for outdoor applications with a 2-piece injection molded cover & shackle seals for resistance to weather and dry contaminants

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