Sku : 22KALF


Master #22 keyed alike; 1-1/2" laminated steel padlock with warded keyway, 1-1/2" shackle

Master #22KALF

Body Width: 1-1/2"
Shackle Diameter: 1/4"
Shackle Vertical Clearance: 1-1/2"
Shackle Horizontal Clearance: 9/16"

Laminated Steel Body with Hardened Steel Shackle

Warded keyway, keyed alike with two steel keys

Key numbers available for keyed-alike: 337

This economy lock has a warded keyway. Warded keyways are inexpensive locks that aren't very pick-proof but tolerate dirt and sand better than other types of padlocks. They're an all-time favorite of portable sanitation managers that want an effective but economial choice in a keyed alike padlock.

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