Sku : 2002


Master #2002 High Security Combination Padlock; 1" Boron Alloy Shackle
1 - 49
50 +

Master #2002

Body Width: 2-3/16"
Shackle Diameter: 5/16"
Vertical Shackle Clearance: 1"
Horizontal Shackle Clearance: 15/16"

System Control Chart: Along with your order you will receive a printed chart of all lock serial numbers and combinations. If a combination is lost or forgotten, just record the serial number on the back of the lock and refer to the control chart.

High Security Features:

Deadbolt locking mechanism resists hammering and prying

Boron Alloy shackle resists cutting and prying

Stainless steel outer case and zinc inner case protect locking mechanism

Fully recessed dial resists knock-off and prying attempts

Dial automatically locks under shackle tension

Combination automatically scrambles when lock is closed to prevent accidental re-opening

PLEASE NOTE: The #2002 locker lock does not have a control key override. If you need the same type of lock with an override key, please see part #2010 also shown on this page.