Sku : 1502


Master #1502 Combination Dial Locker Lock with 3/4" Hardened Steel Shackle; NEW ANTI-SHIM CONSTRUCTION

Master #1502

Body Width: 1-7/8"
Shackle Diameter: 9/32"
Shackle Vertical Clearance: 3/4"
Shackle Horizontal Clearance: 13/16"

System Control Chart: Along with your order you will receive a printed chart of all lock serial numbers and combinations. If a combination is lost or forgotten, just record the serial number on the back of the lock and refer to the control chart.

Standard 3-Stop Combination Lock. Colored dials, logos printed on dials, and back case printing are available at additional cost. Colored dials are available in Blue, Gold, Green, Gray, Orange, Purple, and Red. Call 1-800-461-0620 for more information.

For large institutional orders, please call for a price quote.


Some additional information about SHIMS:

Recently our customers have been asking questions about methods of breaking into certain models of locker locks. Master Lock has redesigned the 1502 and 1525 series with new Anti-Shim Technology to prevent this from happening. For more information, please call 800-461-0620 and speak with one of our product specialists.