Sku : 1073S926

Lull Switch 1073S926

Lull Older Telehandler Switch 1073S926

Exact factory replacement Lull ignition switch. Each switch boxed and labeled, with two keys and mounting nuts.

Part numbers and model numbers are not all listed. Please check your manual or equipment manufacturers website with serial number to verify correct fitment. Compare to existing switch to ensure fitment.
Keys included may not match the original switch keys.
Grove PN 78720-00551, 7872000551
Lull PN 1101202, 1073S926
Pollak PN 31-104
Uses key L926.
4 position: Acc – Off – On/Acc – Start
Ignition terminal: 8 Amps
Accessory terminal: 30 Amps (inductive)
Start terminal: 75 Amps make, 20 Amps break
14V DC
Base type 1
Mounting hole pattern: 2
Grove various equipment
Lull telehandler models: 1044C-54 II, 6K-42, 644E-42, 8K-42, 944E-42