Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

If they are Master or American -- YES, until about the end of time. Master began in 1921 and has discontinued VERY FEW key numbers during that time. Often you cannot get more of the same key number at the big stores, or retail outlets, but we do this every day, and we do NOT charge extra for this service. Just tell us what key number you want and we'll do it! It's easy to order more padlocks on a specific key number. When you're placing your order you'll see a field that says "Enter key number or instructions". Just type in your key number and you're done! If you type in a key number that isn't compatible with the padlock you've ordered, we'll contact you.

Simply put, yes! And we'll even stamp them for identification. Our website isn't ready for ordering extra keys, so call us at 1-800-461-0620 and we'll put your order in.

Yes. Many different padlocks can be got on the same key number, so that "one key" convenience can be had even with a variety of padlock models. There are some limitations (you can't use a big key in a tiny lock) but across a broad range of sized and qualities, you can order them keyed alike. For example Master padlock models 1 through 6 can all operate on the same key number. Then any of our Pro Series padlocks can be custom keyed to match that key.

Absolutely NOT! It is a bit surprising how often we are asked this question, seriously. If such a key were possible, there would be no point in having padlocks! When we talk about a "master key", we are talking about a key that opens a group of padlocks in a Master Keyed Padlock System.

Each "cut" on a key aligns one pin in a lock so that the lock can open. To foil lockpickers, the more poins a lock has, the harder it is to pick. In fact, locks can have as many as 7 pins. The more pins, usually the more expensive the lock is. For most purposes, people generally believe that 4 or 5 pins are plenty.

If you already have a key number that you want your padlocks to be keyed to (maybe you already have some and you want them to match?), then just put that key number in the field that reads "enter key number or instructions." If you don't need a specific key number, leave it blank and we'll assign one.

KA= Keyed Alike. All locks operate with the same key number. Our pricing is based on KA as this is by far the most popular and convenient keying system: ONE key is all you need! All padlocks for sale are keyed-alike unless otherwise specified. KD= Keyed Different. Each lock has a different key. This is most important in Safety Lockout padlocks. And there may be a few other cases where different keying is neccesary, but it can be a nightmare to keep the different keys sorted out. If you want keyed different padlocks, call us at 1-800-461-0620 and we'll take your order over the phone. MK= Master Keyed. Each lock is keyed different but all can be opened by one grand master key or several sub master keys. Costs $3.50 per lock more than keyed alike, and you'll have to call us to place your order. KAMK=Keyed Alike and Master Keyed. Within an overall Master Keyed system it may be helpful to have smaller groups of locks keyed alike, i.e. each jobsite might be KAMK so one key will work on that job only, while management retains one Grand Master Key that will open all jobs. Costs $4.35 per lock more than keyed alike, and you'll have to call us to place your order. LF, LH, LJ, etc= Longer Shackle. Most padlocks are available in multiple shackle lengths. The standard shackle length is the shortest, and doesn't have additional letters in the product code.

In most cases, YES -- they can be operated by one key. The padlocks must be "door key compatible"-- a special padlock body and cylinder. Call us at 1-800-461-0620 to learn more.

The EDGE key system, in addition to having an unusual keyway shape, each key has two specially located dimples into which two small ball bearings within the lock must rest, in order for the key to turn. Each keyway is registered to the end user, so the keyway is completely secure. And extra keys can only be ordered by authorized Master Lock distributors (like us!) EDGE is available on almost every padlock Master and American makes, call us for a price quote at 1-800-461-0620

Wilson Bohannan Company offers 7 models with stainless steel shackles in diameters of 9/32", 5/16" and 3/8". We at LockMasters have developed our own stainless steel shackle that will be compatible with Master Lock's brass padlocks, since Master does not currently offer stainless steel stackles. Search item numbers 6840KASS and 6840KASSLJ, or click on "Brass Padlocks" on the left hand navigation bar. Under "Brass Padlocks" you can also find our own brand of Forever Padlocks. They also have stainless steel shackles with brass bodies, and unlike the Master Lock version, ALL internal parts are either stainless steel or brass. Check the Brass Padlocks section or search by "Forever" "530KALJ" or "530KA"

Not on this planet. We are asked that a lot, but modern metal cutting devices: bolt cutters, portable grinders, burning torches, etc, can cut through all metals. Some are harder to cut than others, and some are very noisy to cut. A good heavy duty padlock will usually be a good enough deterrent, and the equipment that a would-be-thief would need to cut through some of these padlocks would wake the entire neighborhood! For our highest security padlocks, look at Master Lock's 40KADPF, 6230KA, 6321KA, 7035KA, and the hasp-less 6270.

Every key we sell is physically tested for accuracy on the exact switch or other device that's on the named equipment, and each one is guaranteed to work. All keys are displayed with an image you can compare to the key you're using now (the key head may look different from your current key, compare the key cuts). Additionally, our aftermarket part numbers correspond to OEM part numbers; you can carefully compare them when making your selections, to be sure you're ordering the exact item needed for your equipment. Also, all of our keys are stamped with a code for easy identification.

Yes we do, look to the navigation bar on the left hand side fo the screen that says "Equipment Keys Rings/Key Sets". We also can make you a custom key ring with only the specific keys you want. Just email your list of keys (use our part numbers for faster service) and the quantity you want, to [email protected]. We'll get you a quote by the end of the next business day.

Most of our keys are custom made to our exacting specifications by quality manufacturers that have been producing our equipment keys since 2003. A few of our keys are made from high quality blank stock that are precision-cut, tested and rung in our own facility. None of them are manufactured by the original brand-name manufacturer. These are Aftermarket Equipment Keys.

We have no affiliation with any of the fine companies referenced in our equipment key and equipment switch product catalogs. We sell aftermarket replacement parts; for equipment keys, the manufacturer's names, trademarks and OEM part numbers are used by us only for the purposes of identification. Note: our keys do not have plastic heads except for the aftermarket Volvo keys. This just applies to equipment keys and switches, our padlocks ARE brand name, OEM padlocks.

It's always growing! Show us a need for the keys you want, and we'll do our best to make them available quickly, and at a great price. If there's a particular item you're looking for that isn't presently in our online catalog, please let us know by email: [email protected].

Yes! Because it depends on whether we have the item in stock or not, we cannot offer express shipping options online. But if you call us at 1-800-461-0620 we'll check the availability of the item and let you know what your express shipping options are. We overnight items for customers all the time and it's no problem!

Sure thing! First of all, let's define large quantity... For us, a large quantity is about 1,000 equipment keys, or a few hundred padlocks. For anything less than that we have several price breaks, plus free shipping for padlock orders over $500 (shipping for equipment keys and switches are free). But, if you want 1,000 or more equipment keys, or if you want hundreds of padlocks, call us at 1-800-461-0620 and we'll work up a custom quote.

For equipment keys and switches, we keep every item in stock and our orders always ship out either the same day or the next business day. For padlocks, we keep our best sellers in stock and will ship them out either the same day or the next business day, unless you order a quantity that will wipe out our stock. See the category "Padlocks that ship IMMEDIATELY" for a sampling of what ships the same day. Many of our Master Lock Pro Series locks can be assembled here in our warehouse, and they will usually ship out 1 or 2 days after you place the order. For the rest of our padlocks, if we don't have them in stock or the quantity that you order is several cases, we will ship them directly from the factory to you. They will leave the factory about 5 to 7 business days after your order. With all these methods, don't forget to allow for transit time! Our office and warehouse is in Florida and our factory is in New Mexico. If you want to use an express shipping option for an item we have in stock, give us a call and we'll set that up for you 1-800-461-0620.