How can I be sure your equipment keys will fit the specified equipment?
Every key we sell is physically tested for accuracy on the exact switch or other device that's on the named equipment, and each one is guaranteed to work. All keys are displayed with an image you can compare to the key you're using now (the key head may look different from your current key, compare the key cuts). Additionally, our aftermarket part numbers correspond to OEM part numbers; you can carefully compare them when making your selections, to be sure you're ordering the exact item needed for your equipment. Also, all of our keys are stamped with a code for easy identification.

 Do you sell pre-made rings of keys for specific equipment groups?
Yes we do, look to the navigation bar on the left hand side of the screen that says "Equipment Keys Rings/Key Sets". We also can make you a custom key ring with only the specific keys you want. Just email your list of keys (use our part numbers for faster service) and the quantity you want, to We'll get you a quote by the end of the next business day.

 Who manufactures the keys you sell?
Most of our keys are custom made to our exacting specifications by quality manufacturers that have been producing our equipment keys since 2003. A few of our keys are made from high quality blank stock that are precision-cut, tested and rung in our own facility. None of them are manufactured by the original brand-name manufacturer. These are Aftermarket Equipment Keys.

Are your equipment keys actual Case or other brand parts?
We have no affiliation with any of the fine companies referenced in our equipment key and equipment switch product catalogs. We sell aftermarket replacement parts; for equipment keys, the manufacturer's names, trademarks and OEM part numbers are used by us only for the purposes of identification.  Note: our keys do not have plastic heads except for the aftermarket Volvo keys. 

Do you ever expand your key list?
It's always growing! Show us a need for the keys you want, and we'll do our best to make them available quickly, and at a great price. If there's a particular item you're looking for that isn't presently in our online catalog, please let us know by email:

Can I use other shipping options besides what you have available on this website?
Yes! Since we do not know the size of your order, we cannot offer express shipping options online. But if you call us at 1-800-3366-0000 we'll check the cost and let you know what your express shipping options are.

How long will it take me to get my order?
For equipment keys and switches, we keep every item in stock and our orders always ship out either the same day or the next business day.  If you want to use an express shipping option for an item we have in stock, give us a call and we'll set that up for you 1-800-3366-0000.