About Us

Our Story:
The Princess and the Padlocks

The LockMasters journey began when founders Tom and Pat Hails decided to escape the rat race and sail around the world in their 36' ketch "Princess". In their travels, one of the biggest frustrations was that they couldn't acquire more padlocks on the same key to lock up their equipment and stores. Tom would buy a keyed-alike set at the hardware store, and when he needed more locks on the same key, there was no way to get them.

When Tom returned back to the USA he wanted to offer a solution for all the people who have the same problem. Why carry around a big ring of keys when you can order all the padlocks you need on one key? This simple premise inspired the foundation of LockMasters.

Taking Requests: Equipment Keys and Equipment Switches

After we had started to build our inventory of padlocks, master locks, combination locks and other high security padlock products, we began selling equipment keys and equipment switches after receiving numerous customer requests from those in the heavy equipment industry.

LockMasters USA (and it's subsidiary KeyMasters USA) have been supplying quality aftermarket equipment keys as well as Master, American, Wilson Bohannan, and Sesamee padlocks and related accessories to commercial users since 1993 throughout North America , and to a growing number of countries around the world.

Our customers include the world's largest equipment sale, rental and service companies, as well as government agencies from Alaska to the Panama Canal and overseas. And whether it’s forklift keys, tractor keys, machine keys or brass padlocks, our commitment to quality products and quality service keeps these customers and companies coming back. We know you'll be pleased, too.

NEED HELP NOW? Call us toll-free at 1-800-461-0620 or email sales@LockMastersusa.com