LockMasters is your one-stop source for padlocks from such top manufacturers as Master Lock , American Lock , Wilson Bohannan and Sesamee . With LockMasters, there's no easier, more efficient way to find all the padlocks you need, at a competitive price, from one reliable source. Click on any of the categories below to view the huge variety of high security padlocks , brass padlocks and other padlock products now available through our site, many of which can be shipped the day they are ordered. Not sure what to choose? Our knowledgeable team can help you figure out what type of padlock will best suit your needs. 

 We’ll Match Your Existing Key Number – No Extra Charge

Additional keys and keyed-alike padlocks are a LockMasters specialty. Master keyed, reserve-keyway, keyed-different and many other keying options are also available. And if you need a key number matched, we’ll take care of it, quickly and with no extra charge.

Fortress Padlocks
Fortress Padlocks (16)

Solid Stainless Steel Padlocks (4)

Master Lock Padlocks
Master Lock Padlocks (1)

American Lock Padlocks
American Lock Padlocks

ABUS (39)

Wilson Bohannan Padlocks
Wilson Bohannan Padlocks (24)

Codeable Padlocks for Vehicle Keys
Codeable Padlocks for Vehicle Keys (4)

Fence Security
Fence Security (2)

Trailer Security
Trailer Security (19)

Heavy Equipment Security
Heavy Equipment Security (20)

Luggage Locks
Luggage Locks (23)

Hasps (35)

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